Famous "former" Pentecostals

Many people find the road to fame and fortune regardless of where they've come from. Some find happiness with their secular success, while others can't bury unresolved problems regardless of their new-found and hard-earned wealth.

Many people leaving Pentecostal congregations, though, have a hard time doing anything once they've left -- much less getting rich and famous. The list below illustrates a few who did leave Pentecostalism and were able to define their own lives afterwards. It isn't an endorsement of any of their lives, just an illustration that there is life after Pentecost . . . and you are the one sitting at the drawing board!

Anything's possible!

Elvis Presley


Forever crowned the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis may have been shaped by his roots in Pentecostalism. Raised in poverty, he sat on a Pentecostal pew growing up, soaking up gospel music that would influence his career later on.



Toni Braxton


Toni Braxton was one of the hottest chart climbers during the nineties for both pop and R&B charts. She was also the daughter of an Apostolic preacher! For more on Toni and her roots . . . click below!



Sam Kineson


Sam Kineson was not only a preacher's kid, but also a preacher himself -- a real cynical one who found that the comedy stage paid more, and he didn't have to lie anymore. His raucous comedy routines offended just about everybody -- not just Christians. Take him or leave him -- he was a product of our heritage who made a name for himself on his own terms.



Phil Jackson (famed Basketball coach)


He may have ran the court while coaching such stars as Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan -- but did he once run the aisles? Read about this former Pentecostal PK-er in the links below.





While some Pentecostals sing about bringing back the "old time religion," D'Angelo has been cited for bringing back "funk" to the music scene. Read about him and his Pentecostal past below.


Avril Levine


The young singer who started singing in childrens choir in a Pentecostal church in Ontario, Canada is now world known for her music style and lyrics.



Axl Rose


Someone well known in the music industry who was raised in "ferverent Pentecostalism" suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom or another affective disorder.



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